Care Instructions

All items are 100% machine wash safe. Please read below for care instructions specifically towards your item.

For hand dyed items:

We use very vibrant, high quality dye mixes we make ourself. They are tested to wash multiple times without faded but of course they will eventually fade. These are hand dyed and not printed faux dyes so fading is normal. To ensure your dyes stay vibrant for a long time make sure you wash it inside out on a gentle wash cycle. As for drying, we recommend to hang dry. 

For screen printed items:

We use high quality screen printing paint that is 100% machine washable. We just recommend to wash it inside out, on a gentle cycle to ensure it staying in perfect condition. As for drying, we recommend hang drying.

For vinyl pressed items:

Our vinyl is tested and very strong, sturdy vinyl that will last 50+ washes. We recommend washing it inside out, on a cold gentle cycle. Vinyl does best when it is hang dried.

For hand painted items:

Each hand painted item is 100% machine washable and dryer safe. To ensure it stays perfect we recommend washing inside out on a cold gentle cycle. Air drying is recommended by can be dried on low heat inside out.

Any questions please reach out to