True Lucia was founded and created by artist, Gianna Lucia in March 2020 during the first Covid19 lockdown. I have always been an artist and was originally selling painting but due to covid, art sales were nonexistent.  I have always wanted to make my art more accessible and to be seen more than just a painting that hangs on a wall. With all this new freedom during the lockdown & losing my job, I got to work on building a clothing brand from scratch. It has been the most rewarding form of art I've ever created. 

True Lucia is a brand created to encourage self expression through wearable art & to promote being your true authentic. True Lucia is for everyone, all ages, all genders, all races, all sizes. Everyone should be able to feel confident in their clothing and style. A huge form of self expression comes from your clothing, hair color, how you style your outfits, etc. I want to promote being your true authentic self so hard because being a young teen/young adult it's hard to stand out and look different at times. It's scary at first, but it's so worth it. I want that when you put True Lucia on you feel good! You feel happy. I want everyone who sees you to feel happy just looking at your True Lucia clothing. Don't ever be afraid to add a little rainbow to your wardrobe.

"Wear Art. Be Art."

The name True Lucia comes from my middle name being Lucia which means Light and the word True. Combined meaning True Light. I want True Lucia to be a brand that makes you want to be your true self, to be your unique self, to not try to be anyone else and let your light sign. 

Every item is made individually giving each piece that special touch.

Each item is carefully hand crafted sustainably in Charleston, SC by Gianna Lucia.

Every piece is either hand dyed, hand painted, hand screen printed/vinyl, sewn, and/or carefully curated repurposed items.

Est. 2020


Stay true to yourself & never change to fit in!